Goodnight Moon.

“Maybe that's what life is...a wink of the eye and winking stars.”

-Jack Kerouac
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    Rachel is one of my good friends and one of the most selfless, caring people who is always putting everyone else first. I know that donating anything you can to help make life for her and her family just a bit easier would mean so much to her, lord knows she deserves it after everything she does for everyone else.

    “ although healing brings a better life, it also threatens to permanently alter life as you’ve known it. your relationships, your position in the world, even your sense of identity may change. coping patterns that have served you for a lifetime will be called into question. when you make the commitment to heal, you risk losing much of what is familiar. as a result one part of you may want to heal while another resists change. ”

    —    Courage to Heal WB by Laura Davis (via speakoutbeheard)

    (Source: speakoutbeheard, via glitterthighs)

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